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The EFSC has a zero-tolerance policy for unsportsmanlike behavior. Members, skaters, coaches, officials, parents and supporters should continually raise the standard of behavior on and off the ice. Membership in EFSC is a privilege and and is a source of pride. Program Participation requires that all members accept certain responsibilities.
If you wish to file an official complaint, please refer to these two forms
Eugene FSC Code of Conduct (ver.060917) and Conflict Resolution Policy (ver.060917) (in pdf formats) fill out forms, attach with email of your complaint that relates
to the code of conduct, and send it to the Board President – David Green

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Eugene Figure Skating Club (EFSC) Constitution

EFSC Constitution – May 2015

For all of you who aspire to be a skating apprentice, we have set up
some guidelines and rules as to how you can participate.
Download and print this application and turn it in to a
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February 1, 2017

To all Adult Eugene Figure Skating Club (EFSC) Members and Friends:

Several EFSC Club members and Friends (parents, volunteers and others within the EFSC Community) approached the EFSC Board of Directors with their complaints and concerns regarding other Club Member and Friend behavior during the Fall 2016 Term.  As a result, the Board has heard from several people that they do not wish to come to the rink, or that the rink causes them stress, anxiety and fear.

This is not acceptable.

EFSC is devoted to its Mission: to support skaters of all ages, abilities and levels.

To have the club and rink environment continue in this way is detrimental to the club and to everyone’s desire to discover and learn new skills and talents, and have fun.  If we, as a club, and as a community, can’t deliver on those aspirations, there is no reason for the Club to exist.   Therefore, I am asking all Club Members and Friends for their full commitment to support and encourage the EFSC’s mission.

Further, EFSC and our Learn to Skate USA program are run solely by volunteers.  That is rare and extremely challenging.  No one- parent, skater, volunteer or club member does this for any other reason than a love for skating and a commitment to provide the only skating program in the Southern Willamette Valley.  We do this as volunteers to keep skating as affordable as we can.  With that, the Club depends on Club Members’ and Friends’ commitment to work together to deliver our program.

Club members, volunteers, parents and skaters will disagree on how to deliver and run our programs.  However, EFSC’s mission and success depends on everyone’s support and encouragement in our activities and relationships.  To do that, the Board expects Members and Friends to be positive and supportive of one another at the rink, when acting on behalf of the club, or when interacting with other club members, parents and skaters in our community.  If any Member or Friend truly needs to critique the actions or behavior of another member of our community, they should always be aware that they can either build someone up or tear them down.  Building up the community is everyone’s responsibility.

Given the events of this past fall, the Board recognizes and understands that sometimes we fail; sometimes we make mistakes; and sometimes we act in a way that does not uphold our mission and our commitment.  That can and does lead to conflict.  That is why we have implemented a Conflict Resolution Policy and a Code of Conduct.  Both of these documents are attached.  If you have not already signed a Code of Conduct, please sign this Conflict Resolution Policy and Code of Conduct (ver.050917) and return it to a Board Member at the rink or scan and email it to:

In addressing conflict, we encourage members of our community to attempt to solve their own issues.  Our volunteer board does not have the time or resources to both run the program and solve everyone’s conflicts.

When community members wish to share their complaints with the Board, the Board requires a Conflict Resolution Form to be attached if they intend to invoke EFSC’s grievance process.


From now on, EFSC will adhere to a zero tolerance policy for violations of our Code of Conduct.

The Board of Directors has attached the following documents to this letter:

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Conflict Resolution Policy
  3. Explanation of Zero Tolerance Policy

As a Board, and as a community, please be assured that we are committed to and adhere to fostering a club climate that supports the delivery of our programs.


David Green

EFSC President

EFSC Board of Directors


We celebrate the skaters who were recognized for their hard work and dedication at the EFSC Members Meeting on October 11, 2016.

Adult Volunteer Award
Liz White

Most Improved Basic Skills Skater
Abby Phelps

Inspiration Award
Iuliana Wheat

Great Job!

OSC-Sponsored Awards

In 2013, the Oregon Skating Council began sponsoring three awards that are selected and given at the individual club level: the ‘Most Improved Skater’ award, the ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award, and the ‘Inspiration’ award. As described below, the Eugene Figure Skating Club’s governing board selected this year’s award winners early in the summer, based on the 2014-15 skating season.
Each of the award recipients receive a commemorative plaque from the Oregon Skating Council, presented by the EFSC President during an awards ceremony.

‘Most Improved Skater’: Kiwi White, an eigth-grader, was recognized with the Most Improved Skater Award, given annually to the ‘basic skills’-level skater who has made the most progress during the season. Kiwi has been skating for just over one year. She was nominated for the award by the club’s ‘Learn to Skate’ coaching staff, which cited her hard work, extensive practice, and personal commitment to learning and mastering new skills.
Past awards winners:
2014 – Julia Green
2013 – Sam Rose

‘Volunteer of the Year’: Tina Gross, an adult skater and employee of the Eugene Eye Clinic, was named the club’s Volunteer of the Year in recognition of her sustained support for the club, particularly her fundraising and on-site assistance with the club’s annual Holiday Show. She is also a volunteer with the ‘Learn to Skate’ program. Tina, who only began skating in early 2014, has developed an obvious passion for the sport. The club’s governing board selected her for this award.
Past award winners:
2014 – Carolyn Brown
2013 – Carolyn Brown, Susan Belanger, Wendy Guentner and Liz White

‘Inspiration’ Award: Laurel Eddins, a senior at Oak Hill School, received this year’s Inspiration Award, given annually to a skater who shows “an unwavering positive attitude, determination to succeed as a leader and a true competitor, and is a caring and gracious individual.” Laurel began skating at the age of four, and has been with EFSC since moving to Eugene in 2010. She is now at the ‘freestyle’ level, and teaches in the club’s ‘Learn to Skate’ classes. Laurel was nominated for this award by her fellow EFSC figure skaters.
Past award winners:
2014 – Geena Chandler
2013 – Delaney Andrist

Laurel Award night Fall 2015







CONGRATULATIONS to all three winners for their well deserved awards!!