New Skaters


  • Wear attire that gives you the ability to move about freely.
  • Plenty of layers along with a jacket will keep you warm and allow for removal as you become warmer.
  • Hats, and gloves or mittens will keep your head and hands warm, as well as protect you while learning to skate.
  • Lightweight socks or thinner socks work best. Bulkier, thicker socks limit support and create uncomfortable bumps inside your boots.
  • For young skaters and/or beginners, a safety helmet may be worn. Be sure they fit comfortably and snug to protect the forehead. Do not wear anything under or attach anything to it.



  • Boots should be snug, giving toes just enough wiggle room without pinching.
  • The rule of thumb: the closer the fit, the more control.
  • Heel should be snug without being able to lift up.
  • Solid support is necessary for staying upright.
  • Note: be aware that rental skates are designed to fit everyone. Shoe size also does not necessarily match skate size.